A Journey Through The Zombie Apocalypse.
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Here is the bit where I am supposed to tell you what I am offering you. Well, it's the only thing I really have to give: Honest effort at a well told story, written, read, and recorded by me. What you most likely will see here is zombies. Some has been written, some is in the planning stages, and some is still just a twinkle in my eye. I can promise that if you hang around long enough, it will show up eventually.

As an author, the greatest thrill I can get is to know someone out there is enjoying my work. Because of that, my podcasts are and always will be free. (The books, eBooks, and audio books come at a price, albeit nothing extravagant, I assure you.) I want you to have access to my tales of woe and destruction, of success and triumphs, and yes, zombies